Having a business card that represents you and your company is very important. All of our business cards are durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. Learn more about plastic business cards...

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Our clear plastic business cards are unique in appearance, shape and feel. These clear plastic cards stand out from the crowd and say more about you than just a paper business card would. Learn more about....

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Our semi transparent frosted plastic business cards say a lot about you and will tell your clients to invest in your service. Plastic frosted cards allow you to be more personal, unique and give a longer impression. Learn more about...

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Celebrity Plastic Business Cards

Setting the right impression is huge in the business world. It shapes your customers' perception of you and your products or service. Begin your first impression by handing them a clear or frosted plastic business card. This will give you an immediate boost from your competition and more importantly you will impress your clients and will win more business over. Standard paper business cards say nothing about you nor your company. Go the extra mile and have a plastic clear or frosted business card that will catch your clients eyes and keep you at the top of the list.

We have full time graphic designers that can help you create a plastic business card from scratch or take an existing card and make it more appealing. By having your plastic business card designed you will become more unique and different from everyone else. You will never have to worry about another company having a business card like yours. Get started with plastic business cards and let us help you be at the top of your competition!


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